RESIDENT EVIL 7 BIOHAZARD | REVIEW after 2 hours into the game

Game: Resident Evil 7 Biohazard

I played the entire game of Resident Evil 6 and I really enjoyed it despite all of its mixed reviews. So I was pretty excited when I heard that Resident Evil 7 came out early this year.



And I was really scared of the sixth game so this one is truly a horror to play – in a good way.

I was really confused at first when I played the demo and then saw the numerous trailers for this game. What was going on? Where are all the zombies and the chaos? Where are my beloved characters? What’s with this house?

After a lot of research, here’s what you need to know if you got confused the same way I did.

This game takes place 20 years after the hell that is Raccoon City in the early games. That means that all of the places like Raccoon City have been quarantined and etc. But it also means that the virus has mutated. The horror in this game is a lot more subtle, I mean not-in-mass when I say subtle because it’s not subtle at all truth being said.
You should also go into this game knowing that you won’t be seeing the same characters as before and you’re meeting a whole new set of lovely people. Yeah Marguerite Baker, I’m looking at you. Now I will miss Leon, Helena, Chris and etc. This new set of characters intrigues me because I’m wondering if we’ll see them in the next game. I’ve been told that there’s an ending in which *SPOILERS* Mia dies and another one in which she does not. The fact that there are these two possibilities makes me believe that their outcome isn’t really important in the future games. Maybe we won’t play as Ethan after this game. I’m really excited as to where the franchise will go.
All of that being said, the game has multiple story lines and the outcome of your characters will reflect the choices you make throughout your gameplay. There’s not just one possible ending. That’s what I’m saying.

Call on me if whatever I’m saying you feel is wrong.


resident-evil-7-demo.jpgDOORS. THEY’RE UTTER SHIT.
I always try and leave them open as I go when I play but some are literally programmed to close shut in order for the game to go on. I’m talking about the part when there’s a knocking on the door and then it stops when you go open it. You open and it’s all dark and the stairs -that you have just used may I add- lead down to utter darkness and you hear this sound of someone moaning. AND IT’S MOTHER FUCKING MIA TRYING TO KILL YOU AND LIKE WTF. You can tell that I shit my pants at that moment. Doors suck in this game. I don’t remember having this problem in the previous game. I would just knock them down and get on with it, lmao.

Now I’m going to show you a picture.


This is the sort of SHIT that we’ll have to face later on in the game. After having played two hours in normal mode, the only explicit content of the virus was the change in Mia and the Baker family. I had yet to face such shit.
The fight scenes are also interesting. I’m much better performing with a knife or an axe than with the guns and that’s probably because I can just hit wherever on the screen rather than having to aim at something that won’t be stopped WITH JUST ONE BULLET IN THE HEAD. What also makes them interesting is that you’re scared to go into them, truly, but once you are in you’d be ready to burn down the house if you could.

Overall I had a really fun time and you really get that the developers really took in the critics of the last game, saying that it was too action packed and not integrating horror enough. You bathe in horror in this one. AND YOU RUN SLOW. THAT’S ALL THE POSSIBLE ACTION TAKEN AWAY FROM US.

“Mommy hates you, you know?”

Have fun.


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