Song of the month | February 2017

Music: Jain – ‘Come’

04ef90659b50d3f413ff09bafffb313a.678x672x1.jpgIs there not a more perfect song than ‘Come’ by Jain for the month of February?

First of all, this song has such a fun and happy feel to it. And it’s one of the reasons I chose it. February is the month of the beginning of the new school semester, and I’m sure it also applies to work in the professional domain somehow. You come back from vacation, back in the office and everyone looks at you expecting something.  You know what you did wrong from September till December, February’s here and it’s a new beginning, you do what’s right and you’re ready to face whatever the rest of the year has planned for you.

Also, this song is short. Not too short, it’s not a 30 seconds song but 2min40 is quite short for what I’m used to at least. It’s still short for a song. AND SO IS THE MONTH OF FEBRUARY. It’s the shortest month of the year and it deserves a short and happy song to go along with it.

Finally, this song has such an adventure feeling to it and I believe it’s the feeling we should all start the year with. Let’s be honest, we start the year in February. January is just the month where we say goodbye and mourn the passing of the previous year. I suppose this time it was more of a celebration, sorry 2016.

Start anew.

“Come, come, my baby come. I will show you the world.”

link: listen and watch here


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