JANUARY 2017 | BLOG SILENCE (little rant and explanation)

This post is really about why I was offline and just not posting anything in January 2017.

With time, I realised that I had developed somewhat a pace or a rhythm in my monthly blog posts. Basically, it was 2 posts a month. One post for the ‘Song of the Month’ and another one for whatever I wanted to talk about but it was always easier to talk about music rather than anything else – that’s laziness. Honestly, that was laziness. I always enjoyed writing about what I liked but I’m also a lazy person and let’s be clear – recommending music is not hard to do when compared to what other subjects I could talk about.

After a few lazy months on this blog -> RADIO SILENCE.

I was not dead. Let’s be clear. However, my cyber life was, just for the month of January. Just keeping it real, January is a hard time, especially with the New Year Resolutions to try and keep up with and also the mid-term exams to pass and a bunch of other stuff that I’ll summarise with the word – life.

What I want to do now is justify why January doesn’t need a ‘Song of the Month’. Being honest, attributing a song to a month is the only thing that truly worked for this blog – up until now but I’ll get to that later!!
Anyway, January is the month of new beginnings and with my obsession with Winter Sadness and the cosiness that comes with the snow of January – I can’t define this month. Everybody starts on a different path at the very beginning of the year and I feel like everybody should define -musically- this month on their own. Then leave the rest of the year to me lmao.

Now to what I was going to get into before, for the rest of the year, I’ll try and write about more diverse and interesting subjects on this blog rather than just ‘Song of the Month’ posts – they’ll still be a thing nonetheless. The posts will still go along with the blog’s theme ‘Emo view on culture’ even though only God knows what that really means.

I love how I’m writing all of this as if anybody truly cared.


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