Song of the month | December 2016

Music: MUNA – ‘Winterbreak’


This song is perfect as a December listen. “Since last winterbreak” is a line from the song. Listening to it in December would mean that the song takes place a year later, it’s a perfect round up. – Winter Love Story

When I first heard the song, the chorus did something to my heart kinda like a pleasuring punch to the heart. The vocals on the chorus are magical: from how it sounds to be perfect harmonies to a half robotic voice. It’s magical and melodious. And it does something to my soul when the chorus is repeated a second time each time. It’s like when you secretly want another piece of cake even though you’re full but you just want it for the gluttony of it all and you actually get it and it feels so good. Anyway, the chords are perfectly chosen too.

I clearly enjoy this song a lot and I couldn’t have asked a better month than December for this song. ‘Winterbreak’ is a nostalgic love song about a desirable yet non-achievable relationship and is this month’s song of the month.

“I think we both know, this is the love that we won’t get right. Still, if you said that you wanted I know I’ll always have one more try.”

link: listen and watch here


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