Transition Yourself to Winter with These | Recommendations – Books & Music

With soft snow falling on Autumn leaves. Nonetheless, they all fall from the above.


artworks-000140440497-deygvg-t500x500.jpgAURORA – ‘Walking in the Air’ 

This song is absolutely magical and haunting. It’s based on/ a cover of the song in “The Snowman” (Book by Raymond Briggs).
Is AURORA’s version better ? 100% yes. Her versions are always better anyway.

It’ll definitely set the mood and the soothe if you’re more than ready to cozy up to the upcoming season.

link: listen here

mo-no-mythologies-to-followMØ – ‘Fire Rides’ NIGHT VERSION

Yes, I’m choosing a song just as soft, if not softer. MØ’s voice in this is so captivating and I’m forced to choose the word haunting again because there’s no other way to describe this.

There’s no hard rhythm in this and it’s sometimes hard to follow. Although what’s not so hard to follow along is where this song, as the night version only, will take your soul.

link: listen here


9780399160301Ruta Sepetys – ‘Salt to the Sea’

My book synopsis:
It’s 1945, still in WW2. The story takes place in East Prussia, between Poland and Lithuania. We get to read four points of view throughout the story, that means four main characters – that are completely strangers to one another, each with a hard and difficult past. However, they have one thing in common: they’re all heading to the boat Wilhelm Gustloff that promises passage to the safe lands because of Soviets taking over.

My book review and thoughts:
This is a historical fiction, which means that this book tells the story of real and true events, the only fictional parts of this story are the characters (all with a story that seems probably real). The author does a great job with painting both ‘political parties’ (Soviets and Nazis) as either sinister or, at times, neutral even though one of our characters lives for one of these regimes. Sepetys also did a great job when writing traumatizing and mouth dropping scenes, to think that some of these scenes are probably real haunts me a bit.

Ruta Sepetys is such a great researcher and writer. Here is all you need to know, regarding facts, in order to read this book: link: What you need to know.

Why I chose this book for Winter Transition:
I chose this book because, most of the times, apart from the story itself, the ambiance, the environment and the overall essence of this, the weather in this book is cold and snowy too. Plus, feel free to educate yourself on a bit of history so that you can seem smart for once to your family during Christmas reunions.

Note: This book is nominated on this year’s Goodreads Book Choice Awards (link :2016 Goodreads Book Choice Awards) in the category of Best Young Adult Fiction (link: Best Young Adult Fiction). With the USA presidential elections coming up, feel free to vote on Goodreads as well.

Happy November folks.


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