Fall/Autumn & Winter Culture : TEA [Lov Organic]

Tea: LOV Organic

I lov tea. I really do. It has become an obsession of mine since I started ingesting liquids in my body other than breast milk.

Right now, we’re in the period of cold. Autumn is falling. Winter is coming.
It’s all about getting cozy, pulling blankets over our heads, bathing in sweater weather and drinking as much tea as you can.

the-collection-lov-is-zenMy favorite tea brand at the moment is the amazing: LOV ORGANIC. What started it all for me and this tea was when there were some of their tea samples in Novotel. It was the best tea I had ever gotten.
‘LOV IS ZEN’ it was. The tea with the blue marine colored packaging.

Heaven in a mug, cup, bowl, pot, bathtub- whatever you drink out of.

Their beautiful red Christmas Edition Tea just came out recently as ‘LOVELY GLOGG’. So get this especially made winter tea and you’ll be all ready for the coziness we all truly deserve during this period of time.


Duftkerzen-Lov-Organic-Tee.jpgHowever, if you’re not feeling the red that much you can always go for their grey edition Winter tea: ‘WINTER IN LOV’ and be just as happy.

– that little cup is also available to buy in their online shop – 

LOV ORGANIC has tea for everyone really. People who like to run. People who need help sleeping or waking up. People who like to drink tea as much as breathing oxygen [moi].

Be happy in this cold period. Drink tea. Lov tea. – Lmao.

Don’t worry. They didn’t pay me to say all this. I’ve actually been very sincere throughout this post.


Their Online Shop

Their Instagram or just @lovorganic

And Facebook Page


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  1. pinkiebag says:

    Hi, I’ve not heard of this tea brand before. I’ve clicked on the link and get get it a couple of stores. Thank you for sharing, I shall be putting this dare I say it on my Christmas list, Chloe https://pinkiebag.com/

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ASRC says:

      Yea, of course no problem ! I hope you’ll be satisfied with your tea and that they can be a part of your Christmas this year. ASRC

      Liked by 1 person

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