AHS 6 : Roanoke | Thoughts and Opinions


After having watched only three episodes, I must say that this series is going to be a blast to watch.

FIRST IMPRESSION – Alright, at first I was a bit skeptical about the whole documentary theme but it’s so well executed. Another first impression in relation to the documentary theme – I wasn’t really feeling how different actors portrayed the same character from interview to scenario, mainly because I wanted to see Lily Rabe in action, but after five minutes into it I was used to it and actually glad they followed that aspect from documentaries.

HORROR ELEMENTS – I have never been so scared so early on in American Horror Story. ‘Asylum’ was really dark. ‘Murder House’ was really dramatic. ‘Freak Show’ was really jaw dropping. I have to give ‘Roanoke’ the title of the scariest season yet with ‘Hotel’ in second place. I am really feeling the horror in this season, especially in comparison to ‘Coven’ for example (‘Coven’ is my favorite season nonetheless, I am not hating on it). Let’s talk about the use of the pig just a sec. For starter, it’s a really, although stereotypical, disgusting animal. I get how they use the pig’s head as a mask or as sacrificial usages but when I see two uneducated savage looking children drinking from a mother pig I need to breath just a second. I might have seen enough pigs for my lifetime.

FAVORITE CHARACTER SO FAR – Key words here: ‘so far’. I’ve yet to see the rest of the cast and it bugs me so – although I have to give it up to fullsizerender-41-700x525Sarah Paulson as Shelby Miller
. Maybe it’s because I much prefer her as a blonde than as a brunette (‘Freak Show’) or maybe her character reminds me of my emotional waves but I really enjoy seeing her character interact with whatever’s going on. She’s either driving away as fast as she can or she’s running without looking back into the forest. She’s fun. HA.

I can’t wait to see the rest of the series and what it has to offer. I’m so glad I started it in October too.


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