A Movie for Autumn | ‘I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House’ | Movie Talk & Review

Movie: ‘I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House’

– All pictures are extract from the movie.
– Contains Spoilers.

We all need good horror films in the time of Halloween but it is hard to come by a Horror movie that isn’t gore, that does not have enough blood to fill a swimming pool and that doesn’t have a jump scare per heartbeat. BUT ‘I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House’ seems to be one of the rare gems. It’s poetic, incredibly haunting, enormously creepy and has only two perfect subtle jump scares (yes, it’s possible).

First, How is it haunting and creepy and not a typical action-packed ghost movie, like ‘The Unborn’ (2009) for example ? Let’s thank  the director for that, shall we ? Oz Perkins.


Many times, we’ve had to watch through a couple of seconds of nothing but slow and sooth zooming into the darkness with pure silence, like this picture right here.

We don’t know what to expect. Maybe a jump scare ? A slow apparition ? NO. WE GET NOTHING. That is even more haunting. It can get very slow at times but it’s worth it.


There are also very few colors in this movie. It all amplifies anything that is not white – or at times black. Listening to someone narrating poetry while slowly zooming on them is creepy but so beautiful to watch as well. Who knew that off-white could be so chilling?

Now, let’s get into the mass load of symbolism here.


These colors both represent something which, with watching further into the movie, becomes evident. White = Life / Black = Death.
jhytgrewq.PNGOur main character always wear white. She said at some point that wearing white meant that the sickness could not touch her. White becomes a safety net, a protection.

White signifies, for the viewer at least, that no horror elements are about to manifest.

Death manifests itself onto the white, as if life was weak against the darkness that is in the house. Our female protagonist gets stains on her multiple times in the movie and each stain has proven to be death related.
bhikjlbnlnbou.PNGFor example, the stain here is the berry stain on her white shoe. In that very scene: horror happens. A scene with a small stain becomes a scene with frightening elements. With our example, the horror is what’s happening to her arms, here.iuytre.PNG

Seriously, how does it escalates so quickly ?!

To prove once more that black is the symbol of death, in each scene where we listen to poetic narration and only see the ghost narrating, black becomes the only background color.


Overall, it’s a beautiful movie with beautiful writing but I can’t point out enough that, although the movie is sooth and slow, it is incredibly haunting and creepy.


This movie is available on Netflix, by the way.





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