Song of the month | October 2016

Music: Kiiara – ‘Gold’

artworks-oaf8stvdjmop-0-t500x500The month of October is loved for numerous things but the thing I love the most about it is Halloween (I can be a cliche). A big stereotype of a person dressing up for Modern Halloween is the sexy costume wearing girl. Sexy monster bride. Sexy nurse. Sexy cat. Sexy ANYTHING!

This song portrays a lot of confidence and sex vibes,if I may. It’s the perfect song to let out your inner slut/bitch with a max of confidence (the lyrics : “But your brother was a good substitute for you” is all I need to illustrate my point).

I always feel confident when I’m in my Halloween costume and I feel great – unless the costume is terrible then I feel insecure as fuck. What better song to decorate your strut than this one ? Even though it’s not creepy or Halloween spirited, ‘Gold’ by Kiiara is the song of the month.

link : listen here


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